Thursday, January 15, 2009

SAT Prep

Poly and Kaplan Test Prep are joining forces to bring you an SAT Express class. It's a weekend classroom course for students who have limited time to prepare for the SAT.

You'll get 12 hours of dynamic live instruction with an expert Kaplan teacher. You'll also learn exclusive test-taking strategies and receive an SAT course book and a diagnostic exam.

The cost for this class is $299 (Savings of $50). Poly students receive the Kaplan At School Discounted Price.

Class Code: SXBA9510
Diagnostic Test: Wednesday, Feb 25
Location: Poly

Session 1: Saturday, Feb 28
Location: Baltimore Kaplan Center (Free Parking)

Session 2: Sunday, March 1
Location: Baltimore Kaplan Center (Free Parking)

If you're interested in enrolling, call 1-800-KAP-TEST to speak with an education advisor. YOu can also visit


Anonymous said...

I'd love to see some data on how much this type of course improves SAT scores, especially for the type of G&T students who are in the Ingenuity program. Time and money are always at a premium and it would be nice to know the kind of improvements that are typical.

The Ingenuity Project said...

That would be a great question to pose to Kaplan! I would encourage folks to talk with a represntative. If you call the local office you can speak with Jennifer Ware, who is actually the person cooridnating this class for Poly.

Ingenuity students score all over the spectrum on the SAT. Some do very well from the beginning, and others definitely require a bit of strategy to bring their scores up.